A Phoenician ship… Close your eyes and imagine crisp blue waters and the sound of waves lapping as a ship approaches a port… In the distance, an xtraordinary 7000 years old castle welcomes its visitors… Sailors yell out amiably, traders on shore wave and shout out greetings… Local fishermen pull in their nets… Women wander about with baskets for freshly baked bread and fruits… Children run around and play…. Smiles everywhere!

Now open your eyes and make this a reality… Book a tour with Beyond Byblos… Mix culture, history, local traditions and most importantly fun in a single outing just like your ancestors did!

Beyond Byblos can take you on “Phoenician ship” trips all over Lebanon. A young company established with 14 years of experience, eco-touristic love and a true sense of team spirit, Beyond Byblos has the synergy it requires to be more than an average Tour Operator. Our logo is our motto: Our aim is to take you on unique and unforgettable voyages beyond your imagination for modest prices and without extra or unexpected cost!

We offer a range of services: Tourism, Service and Product innovation for Leisure, Adventure, Incentive, Rural and Family travel. We also design, organize and co-ordinate "tailor-made" travel programs & activities for adults and children.

Beside the Conferences, Events and Team building for companies. Our love for what we do and for the communities we visit is what makes us stand out.
We strongly believe that our programs and packages should always leave a positive mark on the local communities we visit. So we encourage real and positive social interaction and do our best to preserve nature and guide our guests to do the same.

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Do not hesitate to contact us on nassim@byblosandbeyond.com

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Email: info@byblosandbeyond.com
Cell: +961 3 486 551
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